Limousines Were Named After Shepherds

Nearly everyone’s heard of limousines – they are the large, stretching high end vehicles that play popular roles as a trope in innumerable Hollywood films and novels. During the past few decades, obtaining a ride in a limousine has grown considerably more available to many people, most noticeably in America.

Yet, there are many things people do not know, or would not have guessed about limos – like the proven fact that they once were equally as long as any normal auto.

So, without a lot more ado, here are a few details about stretch limos the average individual possibly does not know.

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First: original limos were simply automobiles which had separated cabins for the driver and the passengers.

More than 100 years ago, when the term limousine sprang up next to words like berline and brougham, and till this very day, a few countries utilize the word Limousine to just about identify what English-speakers know as a sedan. However, essentially, fourteen years following the limousine√≠s official first appearance in 1902, it began to be referred to as: “a closed car seating 3 to 5 inside, with driver’s seat outside.”

There was nothing at all in the description regarding extended body lengths, or luxurious features. These were, nevertheless, lengthier compared to the normal automotive once they became well known in the Twenties and beyond. In essence, these limos contained a big seating arrangement at the rear of the automobile for 3 people, and an extra 2 collapsible car seats near to the chauffeur’s cabin, allowing for 5 individuals to squash in at a time with out too much difficulty, as well as an extra 2 travellers within the chauffeur’s cabin next to the operator.

Limousines were named after shepherds.

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That is correct – the term “limousine” hails from the France country area of Limousin, either because of the likeness in style between Limousin shepherd√≠s hoods and the look of the original limousine’s driver compartments’ sunroofs, or because of the cloaks drivers wore to guard their selves from the wind and rainfall, since original limousines did not harbor any kind of considerable coverage from the Nature’s elements.

The initial “stretch limo” was created in 1928.

Stretch limos started to be preferred soon after a music group in the late Twenties hired a little bus made much like a contemporary limo.

Then, this notion was extended — pun intended — to one hundred feet, and offered with Televisions, faxes, A/C, Internet access and, indeed, a whole spa. That is the world’s lengthiest limo… created by Jay Ohrberg of California, about eighteen years back in 1997.

These days, limousines continue to have well known functions in popular culture and so are symbolic of high class, ease, and the American Dream.

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